I am a health promotion specialist and cogitator.  I've been pretty successful in my work, been lucky enough to have financially supportive parents and had a few good shots in academia.  Like a lot of people that have it good, who aren't plagued by famine, who are healthy, have a working toilet and the comforts of the Western World, I find a need to find a reason to stick around.  I have a few.  Two amazing little rats, important family members and the people to whom my life's work and career is dedicated to serving.  

I do love going out for coffee or food with friends and as a non-drinker it's food is a great way to be social.

I'm working on some doodles at the moment, exploring the way people express and understand emotions and paradigms such as kindness, life-after-bereavement and acceptance.  It's quite hard to find the time to be as dedicated as I'd like to be to this project but it's definitely something I will be doing more of and posting on my website after I've finished my current studies.

I'm looking at getting some Magic the Gathering buddies as well as a few friends to play World of Warcraft with online.  If you're interested in gaming online or offline it would be good to team up or battle it out with the cards.

I love reading science-fictions and although I don’t have a Russican flute (for Star Trek fans) I do chill-out playing the piano.  At the moment, challenging university, a good job and a small number of close friends give me a pretty busy life but I’m always up for making new friends, seeking out new opportunities and civilised* conversations, to BOLDY GO WHERE NO... you get the idea.



ALIEN Omnibus:  Strikes an enthralling balance of science fiction content, human relationships and intellectual horror.


Listening to: Dumb Ways To Die, Still Alive, Le Internet Melody, Anything by Karl Jenkins or Antoine Dufort

Playing: The Classics, Yan Tiersen, Still Alive, Einaudi, Clementi


Wikimedia Foundation: Making knowledge accessible to all.

Age UK: Supporting people over 55 years of age

National Secular Society: Promoting secularism

British Humanist Association: Promoting humanism

Body Positive: Sexual health and sexuality charity

RSPB: Supporting wildlife


The world is full of light and shade and no other genre comes close to plumbing the depths of the human experience of our penumbral existence than science fiction.  Here are some of my interests and snippets of interests that I'm into.  If you've got recommendations let me know!

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