The Project

I cannot draw, all I can do is try and put the picture in my head and the stories that I think about on to paper.  The Christopher Turtle project has two aims: to share an ideology about what it means to be a creative human and a good citizen; to explore our emotional world in an accessible way for everyone to understand.

Christopher Turtle is a series of stories, largely pictures that will eventually be narrated, about a character who is naive to the games we play as adults.  He explored the limits of his imagination with his companion (Baloon) who to him is as cencient as our peers but in all reality it just a baloon.  This has some significant impacts on how he forms relationships, learns about the world and makes the world around him a better place to live.

This is the very begining, it's very slow going with my current work and study committments but it is a project close to me for several reasons.  I'd like to give a SPECIAL THANKS to MONICA WILCOCK who will probably never get to see this but without you this would not have happened.